CTUAA/JTUAA welcomes donations to support CTUAA/JTUAA activities as well as funding projects of CTU/JTU. Some CTU/JTU project examples are the 台南校區建校基金 and 鑽石計畫 In order to maintain the non-profit status, CTUAA/JTUAA must handle the distribution of donations independently. Donors can express their wishes but cannot designate CTUAA/JTUAA’s distributions on the amounts, target programs, or schedule. CTUAA/JTUAA funding oversight committee will post the status of the fundraising and its distributions on a quarterly basis. For more info regarding the fund usage, please contact askctuaa@gmail.com.

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Current up to date donor list:
Organization / Name Amount
Eric Cho 卓允中 $3000
Chikong Shue $152100

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