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CTUAA/JTUAA of Northern California was founded in Silicon Valley. Members of CTUAA/JTUAA of Northern California consist of the alumni of Chiao-Tung (Jiaotong) University, including the following campuses alumni, who currently live in the Northern California area of the United States. 

(SouthWest), and

Mailto: askctuaa@gmail.com for general questions.

2012 新竹交大近況
愛。交大-新竹交通大學賢齊館捐款專網: http://i.nctu.edu.tw


2012 Past Events

<硅谷看世界> 跨過牛車年代, 展望未來五十年 - 卓越, 創新與永續

Nov. 17, 新竹交大校長來訪

2012 梅竹賽 - 清華勝

July 23, 北加州交大校友會理事會及前校長張俊彥院士及交大研發長來訪

June 19, Start-up Forum
startup forum overview
Key Intellectual Property Issues for Startups

June 2, Career Forum
Career Forum 2012 overview
Victor Luo - Build-up Your Career Path
Darlina Tsui - career

Event Photos

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