Chiao Tung University Alumni Association of Northern California


2020 Donated Our First Large Batch of Surgical Masks

With very limited PPE available in US, and very difficult to obtain PPE directly from China with right certifications and guaranteed quality, our alumni worked relentlessly long hours, many days late into nights, on the many leads, verified product quality, checked price range, to obtain PPE to protect our doctors and nurses who are fighting against Covid19 at the front line.

Finally, our alumni association president Daniel Xi, with the support and fund donated from all five JiaoTong/ChiaoTung university alumni, seized our first order of 8950 surgical masks and 10 N95 masks and donated them to the following hospitals on 4/1 and 4/2:

Veteran Hospital Palo Alto 3350 surgical masks
Palo Alto Medical Foundation 2000 surgical masks
Stanford Hospital 2100 surgical masks, 10 N95
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center 1500 surgical masks
Donation Donation Donation

Collected and Donated Our Own Personal PPE Urgently

During the week of March 16th, 2020, we heard that doctors and nurses in our nearby facilities desperately need PPE to protect themselves while waiting for the large official batches arrive. We immediately called on our Northern California alumni to donate their personal spare PPE to help fill this urgent gap. An alumna living in Saratoga bravely offered to open her home for alumni to drop the donated medical protective supplies.

Our donations, together with the ones from friends and neighbors, were then delivered to Valley Medical Center at Santa Clara, Stanford Hospital and Sutter Davis Hospital on 3/24.



Chiao-Tung University Alumni Association in America (CTUAAA) is partnering with MAP International on combating COVID-19 in the United States. When you give today, your donation will be used to help MAP provide critical medicines and protective supplies to the hospitals and communities where need the most.

2019 Seminar: The Art of War and Entrepreneurship


2019 Seminar: The Art of War and Entrepreneurship


2019 CTUAA/JTUAA Annual Banquet

Extinguished alumni speakers from industry-wide shared valuable programs and topics with many implications for the future, on June 22nd 2019, at Santa Clara Convention Center, California. (Photo by Yongbing)

2019 CTUAA/JTUAA Annual Banquet




2017 CTUAA Annual Meeting

2019 CTUAA/JTUAA Annual Banquet